Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dolce vita

our model ;)

all the babies... from oldest to youngest!

in his new chair that granny nell sent. he loves it!

my little turtle!

bennett and daddy on jar's first fathers day :)

he likes to feel his daddys 'scruff'

my daddy and his little men

talking to his bestie/cousin

all of my cute boys

pic with mommy

our new home!


news on bennett this week:

-he is getting so big!! i was at michelles earlier this week and used her baby scale and he weighs over 15 pounds!! what?!? tear.

-he starting totally rolling over on his own. he was able to do it last week while pushing off of something, but now its all him. his daddy has been working with him and they are equally excited about the new trick ;) mommy was not so excited when the first night he starting rolling over in his bed and then screaming to get put back on his back. but thankfully that only lasted a night

-he got a bunch of new clothes and toys this week. i found some tiny toms that are so cute! i cant wait for him to wear them. i also found him an adorable white linen bubble for the beach. i told jar that if he doesnt behave then i will make us all dress in white linen and go take pictures on the beach... maybe even khaki shorts if he's lucky ;)


we celebrated jared's first fathers day last weekend. we got him some stuff for his playstation (yes, he is 30), a new shirt and some towels for his work out room. he is the hardest person to buy for, so it was a huge success since he didnt take anything back! we made tacos and had dinner with the fam so that we could see my daddy too! lots of men to celebrate in our lives! we are blessed with great daddies all around.

we had a cookout last weekend and lined up all the babies that were here. they are all so cute together and will be the best of friends! little ava is the only girl... bennett had his eye on her and was excited that he got to lay by her in the lineup!

we are all moved in and somewhat finished getting everything unpacked/settled. i am still waiting on a bunch of custom frames and some chairs, etc but for the most part, we are situated! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i never thought the day would come! we are on cruise control with the business, moved into our dream home and bennett is doing wonderful (and sleeping through the night!!!).

life is sweet :)


Melissa said...

I bet it's really nice now that things are settled down and you are on "cruise control." We just put our home on the market after purchasing a new home. Things are not on cruise control. But 'tis life. I know things will settle down eventually. It will just take some time. And that picture with all the babies - ADORABLE!

stylemefab said...

Such cute pictures! Your home is gorgeous!

Lauren Lashlee said...

So glad I stumbled across your blog!! Love the tcby onesie!! Too precious! Love the new house too!!