Saturday, June 25, 2011

4 months.

he was over it at this point... then he ate the sticker ;)


bennett turned 4 months old today. we love him more i recently did an update on him and not a lot has changed since then, but ill give a few updates so i can remember every little thing ;)

- he full on belly laughs at us when we get him going. i had him laughing at me this evening at dinner and it made my heart melt.

- he loooooves his daddy. i will watch him look at jar and you can just tell that he is in love. (i think he likes me a bit too) :)

- i gave him a lick of white chocolate mousse... he had to have a little sample, right?? it was maybe a drop, and he didnt even notice i dont think... but he did have his first taste of tcby!

- he still gets 6, 6 ounce bottles a day. he is starting to get bored with it so i am going to start cereal/baby food in a few weeks. (more on that later)

- he has had a growth spurt lately and 0-3 month clothing is no longer acceptable... 3-6 is even snug :( it makes me sick to pack up all of his clothes that he has NEVER worn.. and they are so cute. tear.

- he has become a 'hip baby' and tonight at dinner, i was making a salad at jasons deli and he was riding around on my hip.. it was the first time i noticed him really holding onto me. he was gripping my shirt with one hand and my arm with the other. i love that.

- he has had some major blowouts in the dipey lately. that is probably tmi, but goodness, it happens at the most inopportune times!!! we were at the mall yesterday and i looked down to see that his diaper leaked ALL over his car seat and he was covered in poo :( i didnt know what to do other than head to baby gap and get a new outfit and then go spend 30 minutes in recovery mode in the bathroom. luckily, there was a really sweet mom in there with a bunch of wipes :)

lesson learned: carry a spare outfit and a sh**load of wipes everywhere we go!

- he is still sleeping through the night. i know that we will probably have bumps in the road (shots, teething, etc) but for now he sleeps from 9:30-6:30. when he wakes up, he lays there and talks really loud until we get him. he could lay there for an hour... and sometimes if momma and dadddy are really tired, he will lay there and talk for a while and seems to be upset when we get him. mr independent!

- he is still in the pack and play right by our bed.. i am totally not ready to make a change yet (unless jar will let him sleep with us) i know thats not going to happen so we will just keep things as they are for a while!


we love you bennett bear. you have stolen our hearts and we are so thankful that we are your parents!!


on another note, our hearts have been really sad the last couple of days for a family that we know, the woodruffs. their sweet angel went to be with the Lord and we are hurting deeply for them. i think that everyone i know has learned something from their little boy and like many have said, even though his life was short (way too short), it was BIG!

what he taught me: to love unconditionally. if i have had a bad day... let it go and be thankful for my loved ones. that life is short and fragile. to look at bennett and be THANKFUL for him every second of the day, even when he is extremely fussy and i am tired... be thankful that he is with me and being fussy. he taught me that a son needs his mother. he taught me that family and friends are something that you cannot do without. he taught me that we are all just "borrowed angels" and that the time we have on earth is just a small piece of the big puzzle.

we are thankful that we were able to pray for them and learn from them throughout their journey. we will never forget sweet Miller.



Amanda said...

He couldn't be any cuter Sarah!! Love that hip baby stage, and it only gets more and more fun. Where do you get those monthly stickers? I need those for Nora. What preciou lessons you learned from sweet Miller!

Sarah said...

Hey Amanda!! Nora is a beauty! Of course!!
You can get them off etsy! Just search baby month stickers and there are a ton! Should be under 10 bucks!
Hope to see you guys soon!!