Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Fun Weekend

Mommy and her presents
Watching her open her gifts!

Charlie playing with his favorite present, the wrapping paper :)
His new drums that Jared and I got him

Have you ever heard the saying, "if all you do is look forward to the weekend, you miss out on over 70% of your life??" I don't think that's actually how the saying goes, but its along those lines :) Point is, I definitely enjoy my weeks because I like my job, but I sure do like the weekends so much more!! How could you not look forward to the weekends?!? This one was really enjoyable! Jared had class on Saturday, which always leaves me looking for things to do around the house and around town. I got a bunch done while he was at school, then we headed to Charlie's 1/2 bday party. I think Charlie had the best time, he was so cute and happy all throughout the evening! It was like he knew that everyone was celebrating him! Afterwards, Jared and I went to hangout with our friends Steph, Jimbo, Candice and Denny. I had already gotten ready for bed then we decided to go over to their house and watch football. I basically went in my pjs and ponytail. Today we went to the Promenade and looked around, I didnt find much that I needed... I guess I wasnt in the shopping mood. All in all, another gorgeous weekend that has come to an end way too soon!!
Here are a few pics from Mom's bday last week and Charlie's 1/2 bday this weekend!
Hope everyone has a great week!!


Jennimac said...

Sarah---fixed the chicken dumpling recipe last night and loved it! It was great! Thanks for posting it!

Meredith said...

Can you believe the boys are 6 months old! Crazy! I love that y'all had a 1/2 b-day party! We didn't have an actual party, but Cole did get lots of new toys:)! Also, I made the poppy seed chicken last night and it was so good!