Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whole Lotta Nothin...

At the bike shop off Dickson
A close up with the new big boy paci
Sweet Baby Charlie
Louie at work as our guard dog
We haven't had much going on around here lately... Jared has been super busy with school and work and it seems that my time has been spent at meetings, working, hanging out with my family and trying to work out ;) I should get credit for trying, right?? I think so. Jared and Mark went down to Austin last weekend so Jess and I hung around with the baby. Mom and Dad were at BB&B all weekend! I missed out this year! Mo came into town and stayed with me all weekend. We have the absolute best time together. In another life, we were definitely sisters, maybe even twins :)
Update on my hobbies: I started tennis lessons last night and really enjoyed it. I think that the pro we are taking from is really good and I think I will learn a bunch over the next couple months. I am excited about it!
On another note, one night last week Jared and I went to Bonefish for dinner, which was delicious as usual, and then we went to the new White Oak Station by the Promenade for gelato. I had it once before with my mom and my sister at the same place and it is so good!! I often find myself craving it since the last time I had it! If you go, get the chocolate, I think its the best. Plus, that gas station is hardly a gas station, they have anything from fresh seafood to pizza by the slice. I love it in there, there is nothing else like it around here. The point to this whole story is that last week when we were at dinner, we had the best time and we talked about all the things we have done together over the past two years and what we want to do over the next two. We both are very, very goal oriented, organized, type A, OCD type people to say the least and we like to have a plan for everything. I know, I know, you can't plan everything and there is never a good time for different things in life. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that... :) Anyway, we talked about his school/work and how important it is to him and my job and how important that is to me... but at the same time we want to start a family. I think for us, the best thing is to plan, plan, plan rather than to just spontaneously make a change. For all of you that know me, I tend to worry and get overwhelmed at times, and the more prepared I am for any given situation, the better off I will be. So, for all of you that are curious, I think we will try and start a family in six months or so. That seems to be the most perfect time that we can come up with and we have plenty of time to plan for it between now and then :) I get excited thinking about all of it and all I can picture is Jared holding a little baby... (comfortably, because it would be his own). Although he does hold Charlie all the time now. Anyway, I am so lucky to know that one day he will be the best daddy a kid could ever ask for!
Enough about all of that!
This weekend we plan on just hanging around (and watching the hogs of course). My mommy's bday is Sunday and Jess and I are cooking dinner for her and the family Sunday evening. I am looking forward to just lounging around all weekend. I hope that all of you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend. Here are a couple pics from the last week or so... still havent had a class on the new camera, so nothin fancy :)



QueenVSH said...

Ahh that's the outfit I got Charlie!! It looks very good! :)

MonicaMeadows said...

twins for sure! I am going to have withdrawls from yall this weekend! I am so sorry about Lucky and we are definately thinking about Jared. Ok, 6 months huh? guess I need to let Joseph in on this idea! haha