Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crafty Doesnt Begin to Cover It...

My first wreath!
A pretty fall view of the craft fairs
Mo and I with our new frames
Some of the "interesting" items :)Good thing these carts were half off! Packed in like sardines
Charlie having his lunchWreath for MommaBusy elvesMy Fall Wreath... that I hung today! YAY!Jared and I at BonefishDad in his new bicycle cap :) .... and goggles!

This weekend was full of birthdays and crafting! A while back, when I was looking for a few hobbies, I never thought this would be one of them... I spent my entire weekend making wreaths!? It all started with a little trip to a local store that had the most wonderful Christmas decorations... while Mo and I wondered the store, we decided that we could make the expensive decorations that we were so in love with. And we did just that... all weekend long! We went and purchased our materials and then I made my first one Friday night... it's the Christmas one in the pics above. Friday was Mark's birthday so Jared and I babysat while he and Jess went out on a date. While babysitting, I experimented with the wreath and
was so happy when it was done!
We woke up Saturday morning and headed to the craft fairs! My mom drove Jess, Mo and I out there and we spent a few hours browsing around.. they had some pretty iffy items and also some fabulous ones. The ratio of fabulous items was about 10 to 1, not in their favor :) We found two booths that my mom had hit up last year and they were great! The first one was a booth that sold great wooden picture frames. I fell in love with the biggest one he had that holds three pictures and the man gave it to me at a discounted price because we were all buying them. I am so excited about it, just haven't figured out where to hang it... The next booth was SO cool, it is this lady that travels around and takes pictures of angels and statues in cemeteries across the country. Sounds creepy, but its not at all... they are so beautiful and peaceful. She puts the pictures onto canvases and adds sayings to them. The one I bought is a picture of an angel from St. Louis and it says "believe." Here is her website Check it out!
After the fairs, we went to HL to purchase the materials for a wreath for mom, Jess, Mo and an autumn one for myself. We made them as the boys watched the sad football game. Here are a few pics of how they turned out.
Tonight was daddy's birthday, we celebrated with dinner at Bonefish. These are hilarious pictures of him with a few of his gifts. He loves riding his bicycle and swimming, so he mainly got apparel and accessories for his favorite sports. Here felt he needed to try on his new goggles and bicycle cap... at Bonefish! Good thing he didn't get a new Speedo! Ha! Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you more than you'll ever know! Thanks for being the best dad in the entire world!
I'm off to bed.. Hope everyone has a great week!


MonicaMeadows said...

Ha! I was cracking up out loud at work with the ugly sweaters pic! so halarious! I have never had fun at the craft fair until I went with you! love you!

Sandra said...

I am very impressed with the wreaths you made. I am seeing a side job in your future!!

My name is Megan... said...

hey pretty lady :) I didn't know you were a blogger! I just came across your blog, I'm adding it! I hope you are doing well!