Thursday, October 16, 2008

Desk and Decorations

As Jared and I were shopping last weekend, I spotted a new desk that I loved, it was just what I had been looking for since we built our house a couple years ago. I told him that we should get it and he said to put it on my Christmas list... this is his usual response from about September on :) So, of course, I pouted and said that I didn't want a desk for Christmas.. and I had been looking for so long... and it was a well thought out purchase... none of that seemed to work. So, we ended up leaving and I pouted for a good five minutes, before I was over it :) I honestly thought about just going and getting it the next day (similar to the camera on a prior post, if you recall) HA! But then I came home from work and Jared had already got it for me. What a sweetie, I love that boy! Here is a pic of the new desk, so neat and organized. It inspired me to clean out my old one AND the office closet! Whew, that was a serious task. It was one of those closets that when you open it, you just never knew what may fall out on your head. Now it's nice and tidy, what a good feeling! It even makes it more enjoyable to be working in the office!!
My other project this week was to create an arrangement similar to one I saw at the new PB. It really caught my eye when I was in there and I checked the price of the arrangement. It was $49.99. I thought, that's not bad.. oh but wait, that was the price of each stem! What?!? We are on the verge of a recession here people!! No way Jose. So, I took myself to Hobby Lobby and of course everything was half off, each stem I needed was $6.99 and 50% off! What a deal. The glassware was also half off this week so I got the entire arrangement for what I would have paid for one measly stem! Here is a pic of how it turned out.
And of course, a pic or two of Baby Charlie! Hope you are all having a wonderful week! We are headed to the craft fairs on Saturday, I hope I have fabulous finds to post afterwards!!


The Horn Family said...

Hey Sarah, it's Amy (Duncan) Horn. I've just started a blog- You'll have to look at it.

MonicaMeadows said...

Those are the cutest pics of charlie yet! omg! I cant wait until tomorrow, we are going to craft fair it out!