Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is a long one... at dinner after tennis last night, we had a discussion about our different pastimes. Some of the girls were talking about reading and going to musicals, which, I partake in neither of the above. Everyone thought that was so strange that I don't do those things... So, the question is... what in the world DO I do all the time, because I sure don't sit and relax!! So, on the way home I pondered the thought of what do I do all the time?! Here it is... not in any particular order.
1) I spend time with Jared. We have dinner together every night that we are home... even though we are busy in the evenings, I try and make dinner for us before or after we have stuff to do. We spend every waking second together that we can.
2) I talk on the phone... so much that I had to get an unlimited plan, I think I tipped 6,000 minutes last month :) No Joke!
3) I Work. I spend my days working and I put a lot of time into it. I like to analyze reports and look closely into the numbers that I receive. I like to plan everything for the next hour, week, month, year... anything that has to do with work must be planned and most importantly organized!
4) I Socialize. For the last three weeks, honestly, three weeks, there hasn't been a week night that I haven't had something to do!
5) I participate in Junior League. This one takes up a lot of time and I enjoy what we do. I am on the WIN committee this year and we do a lot with the battered women's shelter. I spend a lot of time planning our events with them and also going to the shelters.
6) I shop. I shop everyday without fail, sometimes more than others.... but nevertheless, everyday. I frequent what Jared refers to as "retail establishments" more than any human alive. He says that every time he calls me I am in either a gas station, Starbucks, the nail salon, the mall, Forever 21, Hobby Lobby, the list goes on and on..
7) I play Tennis. We have a lesson every Wednesday evening, and I honestly don't play any other time, maybe someday I will practice in between lessons.
8) Take pictures. I love my new camera and even though I don't have the slightest clue how to use it, I still enjoy taking pics!
9) Plan events. I am currently planning a baby shower, holiday party, and a birthday party. I love to plan things for my friends and get everyone together.
10) Work out. I have actually been really good about this lately. I feel much better when I go to the gym, hopefully it will last, we'll see.
11) Bunco. We have such a good bunco group that gets together monthly and we have the best time. It is such a great group of women that didn't really know each other that well before and we have become great friends! Even though it is called bunco, I cant remember the last time we actually played!
12) Read my monthly magazine subscriptions. This includes Southern Living, Everyday, US Weekly, InStyle, People, Vogue, Self, Shape.
13) Cook. I love to cook! I have about 10 things that are in my normal regimen, but I also love to try new things!
14) Run the "Greer Hotel". Every weekend during football season we entertain guests and have our friends stay. We absolutely love having them here and it makes me feel so lucky to be able to see them so much. Every Friday, before they arrive, I get so excited I can hardly stand it! I stay busy cleaning the house, washing their sheets, planning snacks and meals, chilling wine and beer, and laying out blankets for the ones that will be on the couches. Last weekend, when we had 5 or 6 people, some of them slept on pallets and some on couches. It was so much fun!! I can't wait for the next one!
15) Spend time with my family. We see my sister, Mark and Charlie almost every day and my parents probably every other day. We love to sit around and hang out, mainly we play with Charlie, he is our entertainment these days.
16) We walk our dogs. Our Louie knows when it is 5:30 and he starts whining for his walk at this time every single day!! I am not kidding, he can tell time and he will not stand for his walk to be behind schedule. So, everyday at 5:30, we get him and Charlie ready and head out around the neighborhood. All the residents in the neighborhood love Louie and they know him by name! They all shout, "Hi Louie" or "look mom, it's Louie." He is so popular around here! Ha!
17) I blog. This one is obvious.
18) Download music. I love listening to music really loudly all day long in the car. I spend a lot of time downloading music and putting it onto my phone.
19) Surf the net. I have several websites that I frequent daily.
20) Have political discussions with my husband, on the same team of course! We love to talk politics and about the economy. He is so smart and knows so much about all of those things, that I love to listen. The best part is though, he truly values my opinions and my thoughts and genuinely asks me what I think. He always tells me how smart he thinks I am... I tell him he has to say that :)

It was interesting to actually sit down and think about what I do on a daily, weekly basis. It makes you realize that you are capable of so much!
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!! I will post pictures of our costumes. We are going to our friend's Halloween party tomorrow night, cant wait!!

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i love princess peach! you looked too cute.