Sunday, October 5, 2008

PICS from the weekend!!

Jordan and JaredSteph and JimboSteph and Lou Lou
Lou and his girlfriend Allie
Louie busy watching football with the boys
Charlie wanting his dad's cup!
Jess, Charlie and I
Charlie with two of his favorite women
The Boerner family in front of their apartments,
only two more tailgates there before the U of A
tears them down :( So many good memories there!! The jets buzzing around town before the fly over.. they look like birds, ha!
Daddy and the birthday girl, Happy Birthday Mommy!!Charlie with his buddy, Dr. PaytonNow on his head! Charlie loves him, I'd say Dr. Payton has
some experience with little ones his age! Lora and Brian with Charlie and the massive onion rings!So Cute! Like father, like son!
The gang on the patioJared and I
About to head off on the trails, the 2012 Olympic Team!!

We had such a great, relaxing weekend around here. Friday after we finished planting our "Lucky tree" we went and grabbed dinner and then went to bed early. We woke up Saturday and went to tailgate for a little while. While the boys went to the game, we went shopping and finished picking up some birthday goodies for our mom. We later went back to tailgate with Steph, Jimbo and friends.
Here are a bunch of pics from the weekend. We just got back from meeting our family at Red Robin for tids and bits. After church this morning, they met up with friends to go ride bikes and they usually stop off there for refreshments. Since Uncle and myself are watching the little one today, we went and met them for a bit so they could all ooo and ahh over the birthday girl's grandbaby! I'm in charge of the birthday dinner tonight, so I better get started :) Fish Tacos are on the menu!! Yummy!
Hope everyone has a good Sunday!

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Melissa and Jake said...

Cute pics!!! Of course they would be cuter with me in them. Happy Birthday Angie!! Cant wait for the ole miss game!