Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me and Christmas Party Pics!

Jared being silly and me cleaning up a spill!
Jess and I
Em, T and me

Me and my MO MO

The girls
I love Steph's red tongue in this one!
Candice and Denny
So Cute!

What a mess!!

At this point Lou Lou was over the party and
ready for bed
Sweet Charlie trying to get into what Santa brought him

Charlie and his Mimi, his favorite woman (other than Jess)
Merry Christmas to me!
My Christmas gift came in the mail and here I am unwrapping it. I put a tag on it that said, "Merry Christmas... To: Sarah, From: Sarah" Ha! Just kidding, there wasn't a tag :) Should have though.
Here are a TON of pics from this past week's activities. Last night we had "Christmas with our Friends" at our house and it was so much fun. I thought this would be a great tradition to start, spending time to celebrate with our friends before we all head off to celebrate with our families. The evening started with a lovely dinner, a couple cocktails and listening to soft Christmas carols and it ended with tequila shots and dancing to Rhianna. Isn't that always the case?! Whew, what a night! I woke up this morning and our house looked like a frat house. Oh well, it was worth it!
Tonight we are going over to Steph and Jimbos and having dinner with them, I am looking forward to a home cooked meal, I have been too busy to cook lately, so that will be so nice.
We will then pack up and get ready to spend time with our family!! Cant wait!
Hope everyone is enjoying the season.


MonicaMeadows said...

thanks for a great party. i had so much fun. and love the pic of us...glad we forced him to keep taking them..silly jared was ignoring us!
cant wait to shop and hang at the salon tomorrow!
love ya

CAMoore said...

what FUN!!!! I love Christmas parties that end in Rhianna :)

PS - that present to yourself looks great!