Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Bunco

Me, Michelle, Theresa, Allison and Cody
Bethany, Emily, Steph and Sarah

Candice and I
Bear!!! The cutest dog ever!

The Girls

Tonight we had our annual Christmas bunco. We have an AMAZING group of girls that get together once a month for what we commonly refer to as bunco. We don't ever play the game(I think we played once this year?!), but it's our bunco group nevertheless. In all actuality, its a group of girls that get together for food, fun, friends and a little wine :) We'll just say that Jared always takes me and picks me up... that way there is no driving involved. Anyway, Allison and Bethany hosted this evening at Allison's house (which is so fabulous) and we exchanged gifts and enjoyed each other's company. I am so thankful for this group of girls! They are so much fun and are true friends to me.. which is hard to come by as a twentysomething woman these days. I love all you girls and hope that you have a Merry Christmas!!


Emily! said...

Sarah- these pics are great! I want some copies, will you forward me some pics that i'm in!? I had such a good time last night!


CAMoore said...

what fun!!! you have a great camera by the way....

merry christmas!

Red Envelope said...

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