Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Best Friend!

I think I am amazed at the number of candles.
Just kidding :)
Jared and Dad with one of Dad's famous homemade cards
Daddy and I Charlie says... I love arcade games!
WooHoo!! My car was the fastest!
One big pizza! (and a tasty one too)
Happy Bday Jared! This was his favorite, for
those of you that don't already know... he has an
obsession with Rick's Bakery icing, so there was plenty
of it for him to enjoy!
Me and Charlie relaxing after a big meal
Charlie and his momma
Reading to Louie and Charlie...
please ignore my roots in this photo, whew... that camera doesn't miss a thing :)
Happy late birthday sweet Jared! We celebrated yesterday even though his birthday was Monday. His actual birthday was unfortunately full of work and school... he was busy all day with work and then had class until 9:30... no fun! SO, we acted like his birthday was yesterday and celebrated accordingly. He always likes to go some place really fun for his birthday. In years past, we have gone to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate, but this year we upgraded to Fast Lanes :)
We had pizza, beer, and lots of cookie cake to eat. We played laser tags, rode go carts, went bowling and Jareds favorite.... arcade games. By 11:00 I was ready to head home, but he was only 800 tickets away from getting this Razorback statue from the ticket store.... so, we continued to play until we could get a combined 800 and redeem them for the statue. I think it made his day :) He will always be a kid at heart, which I love! Happy Birthday Jared!! You are the most loyal, loving, caring, honest and wonderful man I know. I hope you had a great birthday!
Here are some pics from our Fast Lanes outing, (and of course, a few of our nephew Charlie over the Holiday)
Hope that everyone is doing well and having a good week!!

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