Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tulsa Outing

Mommy, Spears, Mo and I at Utica
This pic cracked us up for at least 20 minutes... it
looks like Mo has a hat on here and for some reason
we sat on the bench and laughed and laughed...

Now I have "the hat" on
Me and Hank
Sweet Baby Boy
Yesterday Mom, Mo and I drove to Tulsa (Jess and Charlie were supposed to go but he came down with an ear infection, everyone was sad they couldn't come). We went to see friends, have lunch and shop a bit. We ate lunch with Spears and Effie. Effie was in town because her sister lives there and Spears was in town for the holidays with her family. Anyway, it was so good to see everyone! I miss those girls so much!! We really didn't find a lot shopping wise, which was a good thing after Christmas and all. Mo and I got a shirt from Banana that we had to wait in line for about a hour to get. And then I found Turvis Tumblers that were 50% off... these things are never on sale, so that was exciting.
The whole way home Mo and I went over baby names, mom rode in the back and approved/vetoed different names. It really stresses us out... what we will name our children that we aren't even pregnant with. HA! I know, it's silly.
I got home and made potato soup and then we watched the great game over at Mark and Jess'. What a good game!!
Here are some pics from the day and also some pics of me with Anna's new puppy that I got to see last week in Little Rock. Isnt he so cute?!
Happy New Years Eve Everyone!!!!!

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CAMoore said...

Cute puppy! We love weims!!!

You girls are fab and skinny as ever! Boo