Sunday, December 7, 2008

You were right, Spears

I am so excited that Christmas is quickly approaching! I finished almost all of my shopping this weekend.... you are never really done, are you? I am always adding on last minute gifts here and there... I swear, the earlier you start shopping, the more you end up purchasing. The best part is, I finished all the wrapping too! Jared had school stuff going on all weekend, so I mostly shopped with Jess and Charlie. We had brunch with mom and dad at Panera on Saturday, then I treated myself to a facial at GLO. It was wonderful. Anna came to town for a party this weekend, so while I got a facial, she got a massage. Jess and I waited for her to get through and ended up hanging out there for a while and playing in all the makeup and other lovely items.
By that time, Jared was done with school so we were able to have a fun evening together. I will be so glad when he is done with this class!! He graduates in May, so we are on the downhill side of it!
I am off to Dallas for work all week... maybe I will find time to sneak away and get those last minute Christmas gifts :)
Time for Desperate Housewives, the best show of all time!! Spears says that she can hardly watch it because Gaby reminds her so much of me that she laughs the whole time... I considered myself a Bree... but, sure enough I took the quiz and she was right. I guess she knows the real me :)
Hope you guys all have a fabulous week!

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