Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Our 2008 Christmas Card
My Wreath
Our Tree

The mantle piece that I madeClose Up
This is why I need the elf ;)
We got our house all ready for Christmas a couple weekends ago and here is how it turned out. I love having all the Christmas stuff up, it makes the house so cheerful! I get so used to all the decorations by the time we take them down... last year I told Jared the house looked like we were moving because it felt so bare afterwards! It wasn't actually that bad :)
We are so excited about the holidays! I am almost done shopping.. just one more gift to buy. It has taken me six weeks!! Now I just need an elf to come over and wrap all the presents. I asked Louie if he would dress up like an elf and wrap the gifts... he said no, so I am still looking :)
Also, here is our Christmas card!
Can't wait for the weekend!!!

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Melissa said...

Very cute Christmas card... and was that the first time you had been back to the Cayman's since we went over ten years ago (I cannot believe it was so long ago)...