Sunday, July 13, 2008

Best Friends!

Anna, me, Effie, Brita

Barrett, Anna and I

This weekend I got to go to Little Rock and visit my very best buddies. Jared had to stay in Fayetteville for class on Saturday so it was an all girls weekend. Unfortunately, most of my best friends from college are from Little Rock and Hot Springs and they moved back there after we graduated. I tried to make them stay here... didn't work! Brita, Anna and I lived together our last year of college (and years before in the Tri Delt house). But our last year of college we lived in a duplex just the three of us... well, we were the only ones who paid rent! It is so funny how when we get together years later, it is like a day has not passed by. The three of us slept in Brita's bed Friday night because we fell asleep talking. I hope that we will be 60 year old women and still do that... we will. I saw so many friends that I hadn't seen in so long. It was so good to see Barrett and Meredith, they are doing so well. We woke up Saturday and played around Little Rock. I got to see Effie's fabulous new house and she has decorated it so very cute!! (She was out of town Friday or would have been right there sleeping with us!) Then Saturday night we just hung out and caught up! We went to eat downtown and sat there and talked and talked. If the four of us were the cast of Sex and the City it would go as follows... Anna: Samantha (not the nasty Samantha, but the so much fun one that always puts her friends first) Brita: Miranda, (the driven career woman that no matter how busy she is, always has time for her girlfriends) Effie: Carrie (the fabulous, creative one that would do anything for others and will have a fairytale ending) and Me: Charlotte (the homemaker one that adores her friends and family). I'm not sure if they would agree, but that's how I see it :) It was so good to see all of them. I miss them everyday!

Anyway, I made it back this afternoon and was so glad to see Jared. After about a night away, I start to get homesick and miss him. We went over to see Mark, Jess and Charlie. I think Charlie doubled in size in just three days, he looked so cute and grown up tonight.

I have a big week this week with work so I am off to bed! Here are a couple of pics from the weekend!

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Effie Edwards said...

I love your breakdown of us as the SATC girls!!! Had such a good time seeing you this is never long enough!