Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friends, Family, Food and Baseball!

Monday night we went to a Naturals Game, it was so much fun and the weather was perfect! I honestly couldn't tell you who we played or even if we won, but it was great to see everybody. We were with a lot of my parents friends and our family. Charlie was kissed on by a bunch of women all night and I think he loved it! The rest of this week has been pretty busy. I had bunko at our house Tuesday night then we went with Mark, Jess and Charlie last night to a new Greek restaurant. It was very tasty! I think I had been craving a gyro for three years now, I used to have them in the sorority house and I don't think I have had one since, until last night. We will be going back there for sure, much to Jared's dismay. One thing that makes Jared and I different is the food we like. There isn't a food out there that I don't like, I even eat olives now and before, that was the one thing I wouldn't eat, but he is pretty picky! He finds his favorites (guidos pizza, hunan manor and ricks bakery) and he doesn't like to venture out much. I try and get him to eat new things and he sometimes will. I think every time he tries something new he secretly likes it, although he won't admit it :)

On a sad note, we lost Jared's great-grandpa, Papaw, today. He passed away about 5am this morning. He was such a sweet, loving man and we will miss him very much. He had wanted to be with his bride since he lost her almost five years ago. I bet they are having a good time together today!

Here are a couple of pics from the baseball game! We are looking forward to the weekend! It's been a long week!

talk soon


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Amanda and Franklin said...

Hey Sarah! I love your blog, I am new to this world and it is really a lot of fun! I am excited that you will be at the tournament. I will be thinking of a partner for you. Can't wait to see you and I'm sorry to hear about Jared's Papaw. See you soon!