Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy Week!

My friends Steph, Emily, Candice, Sarah and I
This week has been so busy! I decided that I have three projects that I want to do in our house. First, I wanted to redo the guest bedrooms, then the laundry room and lastly, the powder room. This week I completed number one, after a lot of work!!! I finished the two rooms this evening, what a relief. I had my family over tonight for dinner and I told them that something had got into me this week with all this, during the day I couldnt quit thinking about it and was so excited to get home and finish what I had started. I found myself at Hobby Lobby everyday after work??? This is not like me. Glad it's done. We may wait a few weeks before tackling project number two.
I got to keep Charlie for a couple hours two nights this week and he is getting so big! He is really funny and does the cutest things. Jess and I went and toured a preschool this week and there were so many cute kids there, we couldnt believe that Charlie will be that big one day. Jess, Mom and I are going tomorrow to see a friend's babies. She had twin boys in June and Charlie gets to meet them tomorrow. They are so sweet and cute, I can't wait to see what Charlie thinks of them.
Last Saturday we went to a bar-b-q at our friend Steph's house. She and her boyfriend, Jimbo, had grilled for us and it was so much fun. Here are a couple pics from the evening. We always have the best time with them! They are such great friends!
This weekend is hopefully going to be very relaxing with not too much going on. It has been so nice for Jared to be on a break from school. We can't wait until next year when he is totally done!!
Have a great weekend!

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Bella Jack's said...

Sarah, YEA!! You have a blog! Love it! I never could keep up with everyone on MySpace since I am the only person in the world who doesnt use it! We need to hang out soon! Love looking at all the pics! Glad you have had a good summer! Take care! Paige