Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Computer!

In order to fully take on my blogging hobby, I decided that I needed a new computer! Actually, I have been wanting one for quite some time for all of my pictures, music, etc etc. So, this afternoon Jared and I went and bought one at Best Buy. He really likes to research things like this so last night as I watched the THREE hour season finale of the Bachelorette, he carefully and thoroughly compared different ones to find me the best. He always says "nothing but the best for my baby.." This is partially a joke because I am high maintenance, but deep down he means it :) He is too good to me! Now that I have a fancy computer, you can expect many blogs in the future!
Tonight I had a dinner program for work at Ruth's Chris, it went really well but it makes for long days when I don't get home until 10:15. I can't complain though, I had a great steak and I am thankful for my job.
Off to bed!


Bella Jack's said...

Sarah! I am so excited that you have a blog!! We need to hang out sometime soon! Take care! Paige

Leigh Collins said...

I'm waiting on a new computer too! I need a new one at work so bad! Just gotta get the boss' (aka. Dad's) stamp of approval! I'm jealous - what did you get?

CAMoore46 said...

Hey Sarah!!! Amanda Moore here (well, Schwerdtfeger)! I found your blog through Lindsey Summer! Glad to see you are blogging!!

My blog is private, so email me your email address and I will send you a link to join!

The Summers said...

So good to see you today. Let's get together for lunch soon!