Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally Home After Two Weeks!

My good friend Ginny and I in the Palazzo
My team in front of the Vegas Sign!

Ginny and I in the limo that my boss got us to ride around Vegas in

We made it home from Florida late last night, after a 16 hour car ride! There were REALLY bad storms that slowed us down and we had to stop more than usual. Jared split off from us in Malvern and went to his parent's house. He has to stay there until Monday to get a tooth fixed at the dentist office his mom works at. So I am home alone! Although, those of you that know me well know that I do not stay the night by myself. Last night I was at my parents and I think my sister in law, Bethany, is staying here tonight. Before we went to Florida, I was in Las vegas for a week for work... so it's been a while since I have been home! I have been catching up on work stuff all morning, part of that was writing out my "career goals" for the second half of 2008. In the meantime, I wrote out all of MY goals for the remainder of the year and the list kept going on and on and on... one of them is to take up 2 new hobbies, I am thinking that blogging counts for one, now I just need one more...

Here are a couple pics from my Vegas trip!
bye for now


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Leigh Collins said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog so that I could find yours! See, I told you it's easy! I've added you to our list of frinds so that I can check in on you all!