Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Jared and I with Mark, Jess and Charlie
View from our condo looking down the beach
Jared and I on the beach
Jared and I on the balcony of the condo before dinnerReady for the beach!
He looks like the dough boy in this one with my finger tickling his belly!
Baby Charlie and I on the balcony

Our family travels to Destin, FL every 4th of July. This was my 25th or 26th time to come down here and it is so fun to spend the week with our family. We pretty much eat, drink, sleep and lay out A LOT!! We ventured out this year a couple of times for dinner and shopping. There is a lot more shopping down here than there used to be, which is fun to take advantage of. Here are a few pics from our week at the beach. This year we have an addition with us, my 12 week old nephew, Charlie. It has been so fun to spend everyday with him since we have been down here. Charlie started smiling this week and I was able to catch it on camera! So, so cute! We are sure going to miss this place when we leave tomorrow, but we will be back next year!

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