Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home again, home again!

Mom, Dad and I
Part of the fam

The cake, so pretty!

Mom and I at the wedding
Mom and Daddy
My cousin, Scott, waiting for his bride! So sweet!
My cousin Jen and I
Uncle David and my Daddy. They are always
misbehaving when they are together! It's hilarious!

We made it back from my cousin's wedding in Toledo! It was just my mom, dad and I that went and we had a great time together! (Jared had class and Jess and Mark weren't up for taking the baby so far). We had so much fun getting to catch up with all the family and my cousin Scott was so happy to be getting married! I got to see my cousin, Jen, who is just 4 months older than me and was a bridesmaid in our wedding. She is so much fun and we are so much alike that it is scary, really. Every time we see each other, which is not enough because she lives in Atlanta, we realize we have been doing/reading/watching/eating the exact same things!! Very odd... they all say that we get our personalities and "spitefullness" from our grandmother. Probably so!
Now we are just looking forward to football season! Less than a week away and we cant wait! I just finished a book this evening that I started on the plane and I want to write about it later, I'm too tired tonight!
Update on Lucky: he is still doing about the same. He didn't look to good to me today when I got home, Jared said he is hanging in there. We haven't had his tummy drained again, I don't know if we will because Dr. Derek said that it is really painful and it doesn't cure the problem. So sad! I'll keep you posted. I'm off to bed, hope that everyone has a fabulous week!!!


Amanda and Franklin said...

Ok blogging queen,
I just tried my first slide show and posted it but when I did all of the stuff on the side got bumped to the bottom of the page- I'm so confused. Can you help me fix this? Glad you had a fun weekend at the wedding!!

Amanda and Franklin said...

Thanks for your help!! I really had quite a day and totally had to revamp my page- long story! Still no slide show, but I have heard from people they don't like the slide shows as much anyways. Thanks again!