Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Fun!!

We had a great weekend around here. Friday night Jared and I went on a date and had a blast! He said for me to have the best weekend ever because before long our weekends will be scheduled around Razorback Football, which I always love, just not as much as he does :) Then Saturday I did something that needed to be done for quite some time, I cleaned out my closet!! My bestie, Monica (Mo) and her husband Joseph came up on Saturday and since it was yucky outside, we just hung out at the house. She helped me clean my closet for several hours and her honesty was such a huge help because she would tell me it was time to let certain items go... that's what you need in times like this, an honest friend. We actually laughed really hard at some of the things in my closet, and the boys didn't hesitate to add their comments either. Ha!Then the four of us went to an engagement party for our life long friends, Mary and Clark. After the party, we went out and met a bunch of other friends. This morning we went to brunch and then drove around town and looked at houses and new additions that they hadn't seen yet. It was a great time!
Update on my hobbies- blogging is going very well... I think this is a great hobby and it doesn't cost a thing! What a deal. As for tennis, Jared and I have been playing in the street in the evenings and it is very comical. I have found that people who play tennis are pretty into it. When I talk about it, they always say, "I didn't know you played tennis, where do you play??" Then I reply, "in the street in front of my house." It is really funny actually, it's definitely not anything official as of yet. One of these days I am going to take lessons. Unfortunately the tournament is right around the corner (like 6 days from now) and my skills are severely underdeveloped! Sorry Molly, hope you weren't wanting a trophy! We will have fun though, and that's what it's about!
Update on Lucky-- still doing about the same, his tummy is full again, so we will be calling the vet tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who is thinking of him!
Here are a few pics from the weekend, had fun with all of you!!!
Have a great week!

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MonicaMeadows said...

Hey babe. Had sooooo much fun this weekend. It is just so great to hang with yall, we can make ANYTHING fun! who would have thought cleaning your closet and driving around fayetteville would be so fun and halarious.
call me tomorrow
and will you send me those pics?
love ya