Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekly Activities

I have been picking up the house and washing all the linens for all the company we have coming this weekend. We are SOOOO excited to see all of our friends this weekend. We are planning on having dinner on Friday and then the tournament is Saturday! I'm as ready for it as I am going to be. I am excited about watching some of the people that are really good. My friend and coworker, Jeannie is such a great tennis player and I can't wait to watch her play. She is good inspiration for people like me!
After the tournament, our friends Bethany and Adam are getting married! I know that the wedding will be beautiful and fun, we are looking forward to it!
Tonight we are having dinner with my parents to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary, which was this past Saturday. They are such good role models for Jared and I! 33 years is a long time and you would think they were married yesterday. I'm a lucky girl to have them as my parents, they have taught me so much over the years! Happy Anniversary Mom and Daddy!
Off to dinner, Im in charge of the bread and dessert, better get started!

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