Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Look!

Looking off the balcony when we got there
In front of an aquarium
Going to dinner
My cute husband!
One of my favorite pics of us... we were at our favorite restaurant
in the resort, makes me want to go back!!

These are pics that I was looking at earlier tonight from our Honeymoon! It seems like it was just yesterday and it has almost been 2 years! We went to our friend's wedding this last weekend and I have another one this weekend, all these weddings make me think of ours and how much fun it was. It's funny how you view weddings differently after you have planned one, you just appreciate everything and notice the details a whole lot more than before! I love when I go to weddings and see a lot of great, new ideas and decorations. In hindsight, I wouldn't have changed a thing about ours, it was the best day of my life! For all of you out there that haven't had yours yet, the best advice I received was to try and remember every little detail of the day and night, otherwise it will seem like a blurry whirlwind.. I remembered that my mom had told me that so I tried to take everything in and I can still remember every little thing about the day! Anyway,... I have changed up the look of the blog once again. When I don't have a lot going on at night, I find time for things like this! A few weeks ago, when I had the decorating projects, it kept me sooo busy. Since then, there were a few weeks where we had a lot to do in the evenings, but this week, we have the Olympics and that's about it! It's weeks like these that make me get baby fever REAL bad! I keep telling Jared that we have all this time.... Next week I will probably have changed my mind (not on the baby fever, that pretty much stays, but on the thinking we have a lot of free time) :)
Anyway, I figured out how to add this background and not have it erase all my widgets... if anyone needs help, let me know and I'll tell you how to do it! I think it really makes it look snazzy!! :)

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous week!!!


Amber said...

love the new look!!! and Charlie definitely needs a baby cousin asap!!!

Bella Jack's said...

The background looks great! I need you to find me a green and brown background!! Can't find any cute ones, and I do know that you give blogging sessions over at Panera :)! We need to hang out soon!

The Nuckols said...

Lookin good, lookin good! I love the new look and the diamonds!!!