Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Jared and Lucky at the lake
Jared and Lucky, such a good one of both of them!

Jess and I at dinner. Happy Birthday Jess!

Jared and Mark at Jess' Bday dinner

Me with Harley and Louie. Harley is my parent's yorkie that we
got my mom for her birthday! So cute!
Charlie standing on my legs
Charlie with his mimi, momma and aunt sarah
Jared and his look alike brother, Jordan. I think
they are twins that are six years apart! How cute!

Friday was a sad day for us because we took our eight year old lab, Lucky, to the vet to find out that he has congestive heart failure :( We were so sad to find out that it was something so serious. Jared and I knew that something was really wrong with him because his belly was really swollen, evidently this is because of his heart failure... there is not any medicine that can fix it but he had his belly drained on Friday, they got 8 pounds of fluid! Poor thing! We are just hoping for the best and keeping him comfortable in the mean time. It has been so hard on me to see Jared upset about him- he loves him so much ! It breaks my heart. We took him to Lake Fayetteville Saturday morning really early before it got hot out because the lake is his favorite thing. I think he had fun, as for me, I cried the whole time.... but he and Jared enjoyed it.
On a happier note, we celebrated Jess' 28th birthday on Saturday by lounging at the pool all day and having a lovely dinner at Bonefish. It was a great time and we ate way too much. Dad was running a fever on Saturday so he and mom weren't able to go with us, we missed them, it's not the same unless all of us are there! But Jess had a great birthday nonetheless and Charlie was on best behavior at dinner. Jess says that he likes to go out to eat because that is all they did when she was pregnant! Must be the case!
Today we literally bummed around at the pool ALL day!! I swam laps, jumped off the diving board over and over again and had a water fight with the rest of the family in the pool. It was a blast. Then we finished off the weekend with stuffing ourselves at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Now everyone is sleepy and ready for bed!
Here are a few pics from the weekend! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


Jennimac said...

Sarah-I'm sorry to hear about Lucky. I hope that he will not be in much pain. The pics of you, Jess, Angel, and Charlie are super cute! I can't believe how big he is now. I love your blog and cannot wait to try that chicken dumpling recipe!

Kate said...

hey! the new blog header is soooo cute! our boxer maddox had heart failure. he was actually on diovan afterwards...maybe this could be a new tekturna patient! :) i know it is soooooo hard to see your pets in pain, we've been there, and feel me tomorrow!

Taylor, The Queen's Momma said...

Sarah! Your blog is amazing. Sorry to hear about Lucky...I am glad you are making him happy and comfy. Sounds like you are doing well, though...I love everything you blog about! I want to try the chicken and dumplings, the other recipe we tried and it was a huge hit! Can't wait to keep reading :)

Molly Bittle Puryear said...

Sarah! I'm so so sorry about Lucky. That's terrible... Tell Jared we're thinking about him. I know how important your animals are to you.