Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lucky Update

Lucky has been doing okay the past couple of days... he has had swelling in his legs really bad and Dr. Derek said this is because his heart is barely working and the circulation is really bad. He doesn't seem to be in any pain though which is the good part about it. He has been really, really spoiled this week with rawhides and sleeping in Mom and Dad's room, (he normally sleeps in the laundry room). Louie is not sure about him sleeping in here with us, he gets all the way under the bed and sticks his head out and stares at Lucky, wish I could get a picture of it. He is like "what are YOU doing in here?" I asked Jared if he thinks Louie knows that Lucky isnt feeling well and we decided that he doesn't.. or maybe he does and just doesn't know how to treat the sick :)?? Anyway, we have been pretty sad about him but are hoping for the best. Please say a prayer for him!
I have had something going on every night this week and poor Jared has eaten take-out four nights in a row and has been feeling pretty sorry for himself :) He always milks it for all its worth when I am gone at night, I do adore how much he needs me around! He and I have a fun weekend planned and I am so ready for it!!! Hope everyone has a great one!


CAMoore said...

Oh Sarah...Dr Derick and all those doctors at Stanton are the best. Just know that those guys there will take the best care and give the best advise for you. I miss Stanton Animal Hospital...the vets down here in VB are awful!!

Hope Lucky gets to feeling better! I know it's rough....we get so attached to our dogs too.

Mandy said...

Hey Sarah!! This is Amanda (Martin) Hathorn. I just found your blog through Amanda Moore's! I'm so sorry to hear about Lucky but I agree with Amanda, the doctors at Stanton are awesome. We take our dogs there and we lost one of our dogs in November but they were so good to him and worked so hard on him!! I hope Lucky gets to feeling better!