Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year!

Charlie still sleeping... I had to prop his head up
with my scarf :)
Happy New Year everyone!! We are so excited about 2009. I have a feeling it will bring lots of change for us... then again, you just never know. It's funny, the feeling that New Years brings, makes you wonder what will be different in your lives this time next year, and then you think about all that has changed since the last one. Jared and I laugh because we are such planners that we want to have it all laid out for us, but everyone knows that can't be done. I asked him the other day if he thinks we will have a baby in 2009, if we will have the same jobs, if we will live in this house... the fact is it could all stay just the same or it could all be different. All that we ask God for is that we stay happy, healthy and in love. Also, the same for our friends and family.
NYE was a great night! We had a blast here in town, celebrating with our friends. We went to dinner at Bordinos then to Uark Bowl to see Boom Kinetic. What fun!
Yesterday was spent being lazy around the house... then playing Guitar Hero with the family last night. I am actually getting pretty good. :)
Today I had to take Louie to the vet this morning for a small surgery. He had a tooth that needed to come out and the rest were pretty dirty and had to be cleaned. Go figure, I think my teeth would be in bad shape if I hadn't brushed in 4 years! The vet said that I should start brushing regularly and of course I felt terrible that they were so dirty... but what do you do?! Anyway, I was a nervous wreck all morning after I dropped him off because I am sure most of you know of his health history... and it's not the best to give him anesthesia. But, he did really good and I just got him home. His breath used to be terrible and Jared and I laughed in the car on the way home because I swear it smells like he is chewing on a tic tac. Ha!
I have been watching Charlie this afternoon and he fought sleep for about an hour. I asked Jared to try and get him down while I took a shower and you can see in the picture how I found them... he even slept through the ride to the vet... and is still asleep. This is some easy babysitting :)
We hope that everyone had a great NYE and has a great start to 2009!


Melissa said...

Good luck with 2009! I hope all that you hope for comes to fruition!...

shelli said...

so sweet!!! I enjoyed reading your New Years thoughts!!! Lots to be thankful for and look forward to! See you soon! Hugs, Shelli

Tara Gibson said...

found your blog off Taylor Suttons blog! I think we may have met before?? neways cute pictures and happy new years!