Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Bee

Their new living room
New BathroomAmie and Jennifer hard at work New Bedroom
The helpers- Jennifer, Amie, Stephanie, me, Polly and Jeannie
When they walked through the door... so exciting!
Group shot.. that's Polly's little one, Stella
on my lap, such a sweetie
Charlie and I in our jammies
Charlie and Uncle working on the electronics
Look at that sweet face


On Friday, we did our third "While you were out" for our friends that are consumers of LifeStyles. This time around, we redecorated the home of two lovely ladies, Rachel and Angela. These pictures don't do it justice, because I don't have "before" pics. Basically... anything you see in the pictures, wasn't there before. Literally, everything was new. They didn't have a whole lot and the place really needed a cleaning. I am not so good at decorating, that's what Stephanie and Jennifer are for :), but I can clean like no other. So, I was in charge of cleaning the kitchen, working on the bathrooms and little odds and ends in between. Jared came over to help hang stuff like pictures, mirrors, and curtains. It turned out to be a huge success!! When they walked through the door, Angela came over to me and gave me a hug and said "i love you, thank you for doing this." It melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Of all the volunteering I do, I rarely get to really change the life of someone and see the results first hand, but with this, I really see what a difference one can make. I am so proud of what we all did for those women, thank you Jeannie for introducing me to all these wonderful people.

On Saturday, we were SUPER lazy around here. We lounged in our pjs all day and played guitar hero. Jess and Mark had a date afternoon/night so we got to keep Charlie. We hung around the house all day and then we went to Noodles for dinner. Yum! Boy, its a different story trying to get ready when you are keeping a nine month old. Whew, I have a new respect for all mothers :)

Today I woke up and was in the mood to get stuff done... I started with catching up with all my work stuff, then continued with cleaning the house, doing laundry, making a Wal Mart list, redecorating the living room, writing out my goals for 2009, going to the mall, and to Masons, going to Wal Mart, cooking dinner, making a list of baby names that I love, and now... Watching DH and blogging. What a day!

Some of my goals (there are 31) are to: learn to knit and to use my camera, eat a balanced meal more often (the kind you see on the food pyramid), spend less money on myself, go for a walk when I have time, worry less, cook more... the list goes on. I made dinner tonight that consisted of fish, mashed potatoes, fruit, and asparagus. Balanced meal... check!

I am off to get a good night sleep! I hope that everyone has a fabulous week!



My name is Megan... said...

The house looks great! What an awesome project :)

My name is Megan... said...

I don't know if I comment back on my page if it replies to you or not! Thank you, I am feeling better! I'm having several "female" things going on! I got brave and decided to blog it. Our journey to having a little one I suppose :) I hope you guys are well!!

Tara Gibson said...

what an awesome thing to do for someone!!!! It looks great!

CAMoore said...

YOu are such a doll for helping with that project! Bless you!

PS. Getting ready with a baby in general is hard! :) But keeps you on your toes - that's for sure!

Mary Margaret said...

OMG, charlie is so big! and so cute! I haven't seen him since I was too scared to hold him, but I think I could now! :)