Monday, January 26, 2009

College Tokens

I am sure that some of you have heard of this, but I bumped into one of my college friends, Kelvin, the other night at Theresa's and he told me about his cool website. Its called You go to the website and enter your phone number and then you click on all these great coupons and deals at local places and it sends you a coupon via text, instead of having to clip them and carry around. All you have to do is show the store the coupon on your phone and they acknowledge it! WOW! I just sent myself like 10. Some examples are: Flying Burrito (my obsession), MACA, Marketplace, CommonGrounds... the list goes on. I am pumped! Oooo and another favorite, buy a manicure from Fancy Nails (by Sonic) and get the french polish free. I always thought it was ridiculous they make you pay an extra $5 for that anyway :)
Check out the website!


Mary Margaret said...

thanks for the website tip! I love coupon clipping--I do it every Sunday and end up saving about $10/wk. Anyways, how did you make such a cool background on your blog?

CAMoore said...

love the collage! i need to learn how to do my free time! :)

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

that is a really cool website! i just had a few texted to me as well! you got some really good pics of the ice too btw! your camera is awesome..i so need a new one! did yall have any damage at all to your house? my next post will be pics of a tree that went through our master bedroom! crazy!