Monday, January 12, 2009

There is a Mouse in the House!!!!!!

Mom was dead serious with the mask,
we aren't kidding around here, we wanted the mouse to know
we mean business!!
In case you are wondering... this is my SWOLLEN knee, ouch!
After my spill
What kind of guard dog is he??!

OH MY GOD!!! I am very, very stressed. Two disclaimers before you read on... #1: my house is super clean, we aren't those people that leave take out boxes all over the house (does anyone even do that?) anyway, I feel like the kid that got lice in elementary school, when they always say "the cleanest kid can get lice" well... you get the point. #2: I know I am a girly girl so don't judge me at how freaked I am at this. Everyone has there thing that scares them... spiders (Jared), snakes (Stephanie), well to add to that... mice (Sarah).
To start off, Jared found a dead mouse last night in the laundry room. Writing that just then made my feet tingle and I had to pick them off the floor in the event one scattered across my toes. Ok, then we found mouse leave behinds in the pantry. OMG!! SO, Jared was gone after work this afternoon and I was soooo freaked out. My saint of a mother volunteered to come over and clean out the pantry and help me solve this problem. THANKS MOM! She took everything off the shelf and wiped down the entire pantry for me. I stood way back and only had one scare at first, when I was peaking my head in the pantry and our lab, Charlie, came over and licked my foot. I almost died... I so thought it was a mouse. Mom and I would poke at things with the broom before we would be brave enough to pick up the boxes. He had been into all sorts of things (oatmeal, coco mix, mac and cheese... even Crisco, gross!!) As we are almost done, the unthinkable happened. I was standing in the kitchen when mom saw the damn mouse!!!!! He ran across the laundry room and under the washing machine. We are both screaming, the dogs are barking and in an attempt for me to run away, I plowed into the vacuum cleaner and fell to the ground. (Haven't posted on this but did I mention my right knee has been soooo very sore and hurt lately) and if course, I banged it and busted it to where it was bleeding. Go figure. So, here we are a few hours later and I think the mouse is still in the laundry room... I don't know though??? I checked my entire bed tonight when I got home before I sat down. Do they get in beds? Heaven forbid they do. My dad put traps out, but I am not about to go check that thing. This mouse has made me a mess! When I walked out of a meeting tonight at the Springdale Holiday Inn, I couldn't even remember where I was or where the car was parked. It took me almost 10 minutes before I realized I was on the wrong side of the building. WOW!
So, now I am off to enjoy what's left of this disastrous evening with the following:
The Bachelor

Please, please pray for a mouse free house. Otherwise, you can find me at the Raddison:)



Jennimac said...

Sarah-Bear---I can't sleep so I'm checking out blogs and I'm sooooooooo sorry to hear about your mouse. I would freak out. I had one in my garage once and I hated it. It was horrible! I did love all the pics and the timeline of events, though!!!! I hope you catch the little booger.

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

hilarious! i was cracking up reading this! i prob shouldnt be laughing! sorry...hope you catch that pest! =) have a good day

CAMoore said...

you are so funny! We had a mouse once (well I am sure we all have them - even when we don't notice it) and I never slept when I knew it was roaming the house! ACK!

Needless to say Clarke got it (with the tennis racket!!!!) YUCK!

Tara Gibson said...

haha.. loved the play by play, but I hope you catch the little guy! I would be so scared that he would be in my bed too! Hope your knee gets better too, that looks like it hurts!

Mary Margaret said...

Wow, Angel did look serious! if you need some help, I'll come over! I'm not scared of mice--I feed them to my snake every week, so its ok. I think the best way to try to catch them is to lure him with peanut butter...

Joanna said...

Sarah I understand how traumatic this can be. Courtney, Leanne, and I once had a...brace yourself...a rat in our house! I felt like the kid with lice too! I will never be the same in regards to rodents EVER again!