Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I heart tennis..

I have decided that I love tennis!! For our group, it is all about having a good time while we play, laughing with and at each other, and catching up on the latest gossip. Our wonderful tennis coach, Zach, has to hear all about what is going on in our lives... Poor Zach! He will be trying to explain something and then all the sudden we will be talking about self tanners. How does that happen? That happens when you put 7 girlie girls together for an hour that haven't had the chance to catch up in a week! We just signed up for team tennis so this could get pretty serious :) All in all, it's exercise minus sweating, hanging out with friends, learning something new and wearing cute outfits :) This is so up my alley, my only regret is that I didn't start playing sooner! Also, I get a weekly update of Abra's baby bump. We always make her show us her bump and each week I think she will reveal a big bump... but she remains cute and tiny. He will get bigger in there soon enough and we will get to see it happen each week, how exciting!
I keep meaning to take pictures of us at tennis... Girls, I am declaring next week, picture week :)
Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!!


Court said...

We might have to pose some pictures!

The Nuckols said...

Call me if you ever need a fill in for tennis! Thanks for your sweet concerns about Bubba! I think he will be fine...he is already doing much better today.

Leigh Collins said...

It is so easy to be bitten by the tennis bug! We say here that most of the time we just "hit & giggle"! But we can get serious if we have to!